Friday, 6 November 2009


We received this request below back in the Summer and supplied our essential reading list, plus access to the sound archive to student Sarah Durber.

I am UCL student carrying out research for my third year dissertation
on the continuity of racism in education. I am looking to examine the
changes in experiences, values and attitudes towards racism between
generations, through collecting oral histories from participants. But
finding participants has proved challenging, so I am looking to
combine my primary data with secondary sources to increase the scope
and breadth of my analysis.

Sarah has been in touch to let us know about her progress. She posted a beautiful card which said ' I wanted to say thank you for you all your help finding the archives and putting me in touch with contacts for my dissertation research.

Your time and kindness was much appreciated. ' She goes on to say, ' I am now starting my analysis and the wealth of information I collected at the archives is proving very useful. Thanks again I will keep you posted on my progress.'

Job vacancy

We just wanted to ensure that all of our followers were aware that we are currently seeking an Assistant Archivist to work with us at the Black Cultural Archives. You can find out more details from visting our website