Friday, 6 March 2009

Feedback on the Interviews

It has been really exciting as the project is up and running with interviews completed and we patiently await for transcripts. This has been a fabulous period for the project, as the training of volunteers behind us in Sound Editing, Transcription and Oral History. We have received good feedback from interviewers who have enjoyed the process of taking time out from their hectic schedules to tell their story.

As you can appreciate getting people what they did some twenty years ago is an awesome job. There is also that delicate balance of ensuring we record the main themes as well as anecdotes, plus prompting appropriately.

We also had an excellent session with Dr.Abiola Ogunsola, University of East London Senior Lecture Programme Leader Education and Community Development. Her talk on how volunteers could possibly consider studying for a Phd and gave much food for thought.

Our next talk in April will be from Dr Kimberly Springer, Lecturer in American Studies and author of several books on Africam-American women's organisation's Kings College London on US Black Feminist Organising: A Comparison.

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