Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Oral History Project Launch

The Oral History Project on the Black Women's Movement was launched Tuesday 19th May, at the Karibu Centre formerly the Abeng Centre Gresham Road Brixton. We had over 150 people attending with excellent contributions from Kelly Foster the Black Cultural Archives (BCA) Operations Manager on the new on line catalogue. This means that you can now go on line and search for items we might be holding.

Stella Dadzie co founder of OWAAD Organisation for Women of Asian and African Descent and co author of Heart of the Race: Black Women's Lives in Britain. Stella gave a very thought provoking and moving speech on the Black Women's Movement and celebrating its achievements and why it is vital for people to consider donating items to the BCA.

There was also contributions from Ego Ahiawe volunteer for the project sharing the profound impact the project has made on her life. Plus how much the volunteers have enjoyed the opportunity to interview so many fabulous women who have led extra ordinary lives. Maureen Roberts Trustee for BCA and Chair of the Steering Group also made sure that we kept the event to time and gave a fablulous welcome to the event.

She began by saying:
Honour those who have gone before
You- the ones we have been waiting for
Those who are yet to come - the future.

She went on further to say, "It takes a village to raise a child" You are the village and BCA is our child. That child has reached a special point in its growth. It's passed some important exams. So we thank you, the parents, god parents, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins neighbours who have been watching over us and contributed with finance, words of wisdom, time, gifts, gossip and support.' We've passed our A levels and we're ready for University- and everyone knows how expensive that is, the length of time it take and we' ll need your continuing and full support to come through that experience with flying colours.

Finally Mia Morris Project Manager shared with the audience what a priviledge it was to work on the project and holding the event at the Karibu reminded her of her first attendance at an OWAAD conference some 30 years ago.

We include a range of photographs which hopefully evokes the evenings activities at launch of the Oral History Project of the Black Women's Movement.

Stella Dadzie

Mia Morris Stella Dadzie and Kelly Foster

Audience viewing exhibition on the Black Women's Movement

Our audience

Shot showing the audience

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